SMART Manage

Comprehensive property management from one source
Our SMART Manage Service covers all services after the purchase of your property. On the following page you can find out more about the value enhancement strategy for optimizing your real estate management.

SMART Manage within the WunderAgent real estate cycle

After signing the purchase contract the property officially becomes yours. Now the management and the actual implementation of your investment strategy begins.
Our SMART Manage Service offers you support in the following areas:

  • Property- and investment optimization
  • Rental Management
  • Access to our exclusive partner network
Guaranteed rents
The search for a tenant is too laborious for you? We make it easy for you and are happy to take care of the organizational side.
Verified partners
You can rely on our partners - and therefore also on our partner selection process. Whether they are administrations or notaries, lawyers or craftsmen - they all have one thing in common: reliability and excellent work.
24/7 information overview
Our online platform gives you flexible access to your investment portfolio - anytime, anywhere.

SMART Manage

You have found the right property and decided to buy it.

However, just now the longest phase of the entire investment process begins: the operational phase. Even during this phase you can count on us. We support you wherever you need our help.
You are looking for a new tenant? We take care of the search. You want to do some renovation? No problem: in our partner network we are guaranteed to find the right craftsmen for your request. In addition, we will put you in touch with property management companies, notaries and lawyers. Of course, you can keep track of all changes and additions on our transparent and clear platform even after you have made your investment.

SMART Manage Range of services

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After the purchase of your property, the actual and largest part of your real estate investment begins. Here, too, you can count on us. We are your personal contact for all your needs. As asset managers, we coordinate all management issues, tenant concerns and the entire partner communication of craftsmen for you. In addition, we ensure that the value of your investment is maintained and optimized through regular analyses and adjustments.

Purchasing the property

Maximizing the yield of the real estate investment

The aim of asset management is to carry out a continuous performance evaluation and to dynamically adapt the individual components to the strategic goals. To achieve this, after the investment decision has been made, all processes are monitored and controlled during the entire use phase of the property so that your invested capital is sustainably increased. At WunderAgent there is an annual review meeting for this purpose, in which possible adjustments and changes are discussed with you and, if desired, implemented.
Throughout the investment process, the utilization phase is the longest phase and thus has the highest priority. For the carefree management of your property, we will put you in touch with one of our qualified partners from the property management sector.

Special property management & service control

The task of property management is the administrative management of the commissioned individual property. The tasks include elements such as rental income management and the handling of other letting issues. In addition, our partners will take care of the operating cost accounting, as well as liquidity management and budget preparation - if you wish. Your condominium management also controls facility management.

Secondary processes for the optimal value creation of a building

Contrary to what many believe, facility management encompasses all activities of building management. The main focus is on permanently reducing operating and management costs and making fixed costs more flexible.
In addition, facility management ensures the technical availability of the facilities and coordinates external service providers such as tradesmen.


Alexander Pensenstadler
Head of SMART Manage
Your SMART Manage contacts
You have already bought a property and would like to know how you can now manage it optimally? Contact our team of experts and let them inform you about your possibilities.
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SMART Manage Services

SMART Manage 基本
per month & property
statutory VAT included
SMART Manage Basic begins after the property is purchased and includes the basics of property management. We take care of the accounting tasks and you take over the tenant management and coordinate partners such as craftsmen yourself.
Customers choice
SMART Manage Professional
per month & property
statutory VAT included
Our SMART Manage Professional package offers you complete tenant management in addition to all accounting tasks. Furthermore, our experts actively make rent adjustments and develop your investment more effectively in your interest.
SMART Manage Exclusive
On demand
The SMART Manage Exclusive package is ideal if you want to manage several investment properties or larger investment projects. In close consultation with you, our experts continuously optimize your investment portfolio and actively manage your investment properties in terms of rentals, administration and asset management.

How it works:

You enter the relevant real estate data to the form

We carry out a comprehensive comparative value procedure

You will receive your free property valuation by e-mail

Your property is financed...

Get to know the possibilities of your investment!

You have owned your property for over 3 years and consider making a new investment? Here you can find out how you can use your property as a security for further investments and which options you have beyond that.
Option 1:

You sell the property and spread the risk

Sell your property - if possible at a profit - and use the newly acquired equity to invest in a higher-yielding property. Optionally, you can spread your risk and invest in several properties. Thanks to the high equity ratio, you get more attractive interest terms for your financing.
The profit from the sale of your property is tax-free after 10 years.
Option 2:

You register a mortgage debt

In the case of a mortgage loan, a mortgage is recorded in the land register of your property, which gives the bank the right to charge the property in the event of your insolvency. This possibility can serve as security for a new investment. The same principle applies here as for the sale: the higher the equity share or security for the bank, the more attractive the interest conditions for your loan will be.
It is possible to register a land charge up to 80% of the market value of your property.
Option 3:

You reinvest in a new property

Sell your property at a profit and invest the released capital directly in the next property. Thanks to a large equity share, you can not only enjoy attractive interest rates on financing, but also take advantage of the leverage effect by taking up debt capital and increase your return on equity.
Option 4:

You reside in your property yourself

Living rent-free in your own debt-free property allows you to use your monthly savings to finance an investment property. Give your existing real estate additionally as security to the bank and secure additional attractive interest conditions.