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Find the right service for the management of your property now! Transparent. Competent. Personal. In addition to asset management, we take care of the administration of your property, conduct regular profitability analyses taking into account market trends and, if desired, take over tenant management.

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SMART Manage 基本
per month & property
statutory VAT included
SMART Manage Basic begins after the property is purchased and includes the basics of property management. We take care of the accounting tasks and you take over the tenant management and coordinate partners such as craftsmen yourself.
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SMART Manage Professional
per month & property
statutory VAT included
Our SMART Manage Professional package offers you complete tenant management in addition to all accounting tasks. Furthermore, our experts actively make rent adjustments and develop your investment more effectively in your interest.
SMART Manage Exclusive
On demand
The SMART Manage Exclusive package is ideal if you want to manage several investment properties or larger investment projects. In close consultation with you, our experts continuously optimize your investment portfolio and actively manage your investment properties in terms of rentals, administration and asset management.
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Head of SMART Manage
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You have already bought a property and would like to know how you can now manage it optimally? Contact our team of experts and let them inform you about your possibilities.
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Escrow account Establishment of a landlord's trust account in which incl. operating costs and the housekeeping fees to the WEG and the distribution to the owner take place.
Rental entrance check Supervision of the rent receipt and deposit payment.
Payment management Punctual payment of all costs relating to the rental units. Monitoring and control of payment terms and utilization of discounts and rebates for the benefit of the owner.
Monthly accounts Preparation and checking of a monthly housekeeping bill.
Annual accounts Preparation of an annual financial statement.
Examination of household allowance statements Checking of the annually by the WEG administration prepared house money statement for correctness.
Service charge settlement Preparation of the service charge settlements from the start of administration.
Dunning process Dunning process for late payment and assertion of all claims to which the owner is entitled from the tenancies
Announcement rent adjustments Written announcement of rent adjustments.
Tenant Management
Correspondence with tenant to the usual extent Required communication with the tenants arising from the rental agreement.
Correspondence from tenants & property managers on an above-average scale Above-average oral and written cultivation of contact with the tenant with the aim of achieving a particularly good contractual relationship.
Lease management Drafting, conclusion, adjustment and, if necessary, termination of rental agreements in consultation with the owner.
Acceptance of property upon tenant change Handover and acceptance of rental units incl. construction of protocols for a comprehensive documentation.
Property management through power of attorney In the case of maintenance measures that are expected to involve a net expense of more than €500 the consent of the client is required and at least two cost offers must be submitted in advance. to catch up. Irrespective of this, it is not necessary to request a quotation if a Consent of the client for the order has been placed with a third party. For this purpose, the administrator shall inform the client in good time on the scope, priority and estimated costs, necessary or proposed maintenance procedures.
Check Confirmation House Rules A well-designed housekeeping system serves to protect the building, to maintain safety and order and to keep the peace. We make sure that the house rules are observed and, if none are available, we take care of drawing up one and presenting it to the client for approval.
Monthly reporting on payment flows Monthly reporting as well as reports from the tenant and other incidents.
Claims Management
Coordination of legal partners The support of the owner also in legal disputes, e.g. from breach of contract by a tenant, in close consultation with the owner. If necessary, we can fall back on our network of partners and coordinate with experienced lawyers.
Attorney's fees We take over all necessary communication with authorities and contract partners arising from the tenancy agreement.
Communication with other interest groups
Correspondence with authorities & contract partners We take over all necessary communication with authorities and contract partners arising from the rental agreement.
Monitoring compliance with conditions Compliance with official requirements and safety regulations, such as the observance of fire protection regulations.
Correspondence on an above-average scale Oral and written maintenance of contact with authorities and other contractual partners that go beyond the usual level of tenant management.
Coordination of repair orders up to 500€/net Tendering, coordination and awarding of necessary repair contracts to selected Specialist or craft enterprises for fast and professional maintenance and care of the property.
Participation in official acceptances & inspections Participation in official inspections and inspections of the property, e.g. changing meters or checking exhaust systems.
Asset Management
Annual profitability analysis Review including your 1. personal financial structure 2. individual development potential 3. indicative return on equity.
Analysis & implementation of rent adjustments Examination of the tenancy with regard to the existing and customary market rent, as well as the corresponding implementation of possible adjustments if necessary.
New leasing We take care of the entire process of re-letting your property, from taking up the property for online marketing, communicating with interested parties and coordinating viewings, to checking all tenant documents and concluding a rental agreement.
SMART Manage Basic 25€ per month & property statutory VAT included Request service
SMART Manage Professional 42€ per month & property statutory VAT included Request service
SMART Manage Exclusive On demand Request service

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