Your secure path to a successful real estate investment.

Our team of experts supports you in your search for the right property for a secure investment. Meanwhile, you become a real estate expert yourself. Enjoy our service and invest now.
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A real estate investment is the safest way to build up long-term passive pension assets. Already during the way there you enjoy the advantages like a tax saving effect or attractive returns. Our experts will be happy to advise you on this - tailored to your needs.

Why WunderAgent


“With SMART Invest, WunderAgent developed a concept that saved me a lot of research and time. I always had a reliable partner at my side and knew my investment in good hands.”
Canan K., Investor from Berlin
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Matti Biskup

The WunderAgent property cycle

A successful real estate investment is rather to be understood as a continuous cycle, as a process.

The different phases of the cycle represent the process. If the investment is successful, the property can be used as the basis for a new investment. What the exact process looks like and what options you have with your existing property is explained further down on this page.
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Four steps to successful real estate investment with our SMART Invest concept
For the all-round carefree path to your secure real estate investment, you can select the appropriate WunderAgent service for each step.
1. Expert advice
Contact us and define your investment strategy together with your personal SMART Invest expert.
Path step 1
2. Choose your property
Based on the identified investment strategy, we will send you a pre-selected property portfolio. All you have to do now is choose which property you want to invest in.
3. Financing and Purchase
Apart from the property, another important step is the question of financing. Our financing experts will be happy to advise you on this independently and will be in close contact with your SMART Invest expert.
SMART Financing
Let our independent financing partner advise you.
Smart financing circle
4. Property Management
Even after the purchase we will stay on your side. Our experts will continue to consult you on the continuous optimization of your investment and will gladly refer you to one of our trustworthy partners.
SMART Manage
Together we optimize your real estate investment and are at your side even after the purchase
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Maximilian L 先生
Thank you, WunderAgent!
购买之前,之中和之后全面的咨询服务非常棒。我已经通过WunderAgent买了四套公寓。WunderAgent是我进入房产投资领域以来的第一个房产公司。 没有什么比轻松愉悦的购房经历更重要了。
Maximilian L 先生
Professional and fast
"As an investor, I was long in search of the ideal property. After initial research, I had to find out that I often received only incomplete documents from estate agents and that my bank had therefore refused to finance the property. Wunderagent solves this problem much better than other real estate agents thanks to the platform where you can download the documents at any time. In addition, my account manager helped me a lot to find the right property".
Bernd S.
5 stars plus
"I deal a lot with brokers and can confirm that WunderAgent has done his homework. The required documents are delivered completely and in a timely manner. The communication is great. A modern company that has arrived in the digital age."

You ask, we answer

The most frequent questions and answers

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  • 有新引力的回报
    Real estate is considered the safest and most sustainable investment of today. Invest today and know that your money is in good hands.
  • 构建资产
    A long term capital investment in real estate enables a steady growth of passive assets. In addition, a real estate investment brings many advantages, such as tax savings.
  • 养老保障
    We at WunderAgent make your entirely trouble-free investment possible. We accompany you during the entire investment and beyond.
  • 税务优惠
    Our experienced experts provide you with advice tailored to your needs and search for suitable investment objects on the basis of data. Thanks to our transparent platform, every step is 100% understandable for you and allows you to become a real estate expert yourself.